Game Director Robin Henkys unmasks the new Faction coming with the Call to Arms update.

Dev Talk: The Sixth Faction

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In his third and final Dev Talk on the upcoming Faction Warfare rework, Game Director Robin Henkys gives a first look at the mysterious new Faction joining the fight. If you haven't yet watched the first two videos, you can check them out here:

  • Part 1: Faction Warfare Revamped
  • Part 2: Faction Ranks and Elite Mounts

Prefer a written summary? Then read on...

Caerleon Joins the Fight

Since the fall of the Caerleon portal and the city’s resulting decline, Caerleon has become a nest of bandits, smugglers, rogues and mercenaries. Now the Council of Caerleon has decided to join the war between the cities and profit from the situation.

To represent this development, we’ve reworked the layout and massively improved the graphics of the city. We've added the “Stabbed Mug” Tavern, where Mercenary Captain Henry Cutter recruits unscrupulous souls to fight the other cities.

A Different Kind of Faction

The Caerleon Faction offers a different style of Faction gameplay:

  • As with all Factions, fighting for Caerleon lets you engage other Factions without reputation loss
  • However, you will also be able to engage (and be engaged by) other players in the Caerleon Faction
  • You can capture other Factions' Outposts and regions as usual, but instead of generating value over time, these turn into bandit camps which generate no defensive value
  • Instead, Caerleon players can make huge profits plundering Outposts and regions, as captured points are not shared with the Faction as a whole
  • Finally, Caerleon players need to beware of betrayal: should one bandit group become too dominant, the others will have to put a stop to it if they want any of the profits for themselves

With this playstyle, Caerleon offers unique gameplay for veteran players looking for dynamic full-loot PvP with plenty of enemies.

What makes Caerleon worthwhile?

In addition to the appeal of living free under your own banner, Caerleon offers unique Faction rewards of its own:

  • Faction Points can buy Caerleon Greywolf Pups or Caerleon Elite Greywolf Pups
  • These can be grown into a T5 Caerleon Greywolf or a T8 Caerleon Elite Greywolf respectively
  • Like other Elite Faction Mounts, the Elite Greywolf has two unique abilities:
    • Hunter’s Mark: marks an enemy who then leaves behind a trail; collecting this trail boosts movement speed, with wounded targets offering a greater boost
    • Faction ability - Spite: dismounts the rider and grants a damage reflection aura to nearby allies (can only be used while flagged for Caerleon, only affects Caerleon players in your party)
  • Caerleon players can also purchase crests to craft Caerleon Faction capes with a powerful passive that resets your Q-ability for double casting
  • Finally, Trade missions are available which are more profitable than those of other Factions

New Daily Event: Bandit Assault

Additionally, the Caerleon Faction NPCs are responsible for the recurring “Bandit Assault” event in Albion's red zones:

  • Irregularly throughout the day, Factions will lose control of all Outposts and regions in the red zones, which will be taken over by Bandits
  • Recapturing them is a top priority, as there will be a massive reward paid out to players in the Faction which has claimed the most regions during the event
  • Although Caerleon players cannot participate in this event as a Faction, they can use the rush of Faction players into the red zones to set ambushes and find plenty of full-loot PvP

In Conclusion

This concludes our look at the all-new Faction Warfare system coming with the Call to Arms update. Will you join the Caerleon Faction and lead a life of villainy? Or will you proudly fly the banner of another city? We can’t wait to see which Faction will produce the mightiest heroes, and we're really looking forward to joining the battle ourselves.

Call to Arms will be released in mid-March – until then, stay tuned for more Dev Talks on new features!


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