Game Director Robin Henkys explores a new realm coming to the game with the next update.

Dev Talk: The Mists

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Our last Dev Talk announced the forthcoming Beyond the Veil update, and introduced the Roads of Avalon rework that will be coming with it. In the second Dev Talk taking a closer look at this update, Game Director Robin Henkys introduces a massive and much-awaited feature: the Mists.

Wisps and Portals

When Beyond the Veil goes live, ghostly Will o’ Wisps will be found drifting through the open world and the Roads of Avalon:

  • These will retreat when approached, and open a portal to their home - the Mists
  • These portals are open for a short time, and chasing a Wisp through one will bring a player to this new realm
  • Most portals allow only one player through before closing, but some will allow a second player to enter
  • These two portal types are separate, meaning solo players will never encounter duos in the Mists.

Mobs, Treasures, and Resources

The Mists are a magical realm full of dangers and treasures:

  • Heretic, Morgana, and Undead mobs roam the Mists
  • Treasures and resources can also be found, as in the open world
  • Unique creatures can be killed for Hides, and three special types of creature exist: the Griffin, the Mistcrawler, and the Fey Dragon
  • Similar to solo dungeons, some Mist regions are enchanted, with more powerful but more valuable enemies

PvP in the Mists

Exploring the Mists comes with the possibility of encountering other players, and engaging in combat:

  • The Mists have both lethal and non-lethal areas
    • Entrances to lethal Mists areas can only be found in other lethal areas of Albion
  • Combat within the Mists does not affect reputation on the Royal Continent
  • Players have access to their mounts

Rising Mists

The tides of the Mists are constantly rising and falling:

  • Any region will be consumed by the growing Mists at some point
  • Players can follow Wisps through a new portal to a different Mists region
  • Those who do not will become ‘lost’, and returned to the place where they first entered the Mists
  • This ensures players cannot band together for long within the Mists, as their groups will always be separated

In addition to all this, players in the Mists can encounter Wisps who have been endangered by the influx of new adventurers and are in need of aid. Helping them will earn their gratitude, which may have some benefits…

The Mists offer a whole range of PvE and PvP possibilities similar to the open world, but dedicated exclusively to solo or duo players. We can’t wait to launch this feature and let you explore this magical realm and its mysteries, whatever it is you seek there. See you soon!


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