Game Director Robin Henkys introduces the big changes coming to the Roads with the next update.

Dev Talk: Roads of Avalon Revisited

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Albion’s next major content update is just around the corner, and we can announce it will be called Beyond the Veil. Today, in the first of several in-depth looks at some of the new features and changes coming with this update, Game Director Robin Henkys introduces some significant improvements to the Roads of Avalon.

Changes to Hideouts in the Roads

A number of new features will help players to make their homes in the Roads:

  • Hideouts in the Roads will be able to be declared Headquarters
  • Hideouts will require power to be maintained
    • There will be an initial three-day grace period before this applies
  • Power Cores can be found in the Roads, but cannot be carried to or from the open world
  • Guilds seeking to control entire Hideout regions within the Roads will have to be considerably more active to do so
  • Hideout construction can be accelerated

Logout Changes

  • Logging out in the Roads will return you to the place you first entered the Roads
    • This causes durability damage to equipment, and the loss of some stacked items
  • Players who are disconnected will have an extended window to reconnect before being removed from the Roads
  • This will prevent players staying in high-value locations to scout them constantly, making the Roads more competitive and rewarding exploration

New Objectives

The types of objectives found in the Roads have been expanded:

  • Open-world treasures will randomly appear
  • Mobs will upgrade over time if untouched, as they do in the open world
  • Crystal Spiders will also be found

Large Group Content

The reworked Roads will provide challenging and rewarding content for groups:

  • Mobs have been strengthened overall
  • The areas between Hideout regions will contain high-value content for large groups
  • Large portals are now exclusive to these ‘raid regions’, while small portals have been removed entirely

These changes should reinvigorate the Roads of Avalon as an area for small group play and independent guilds, providing a variety of PvE and PvP options and rewarding exploration. We hope to encourage new guilds to enjoy this content, and can’t wait to see who makes their home in the Roads.

Stay tuned for our next Dev Talk, where we’ll delve into some more mysterious content coming with Beyond the Veil.


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