Learn about the Wilderness that lies beyond the Roads of Avalon.

Dev Talk: Roads of Avalon, Part 2

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In our last Dev Talk, Game Director Robin Henkys introduced the Roads of Avalon, a massive new system coming with the next update. In this video, he discusses what you'll find when you leave the Roads and head into the Wilderness. (To watch Part 1, click here.)

No time to watch, or prefer a written summary? Then read on...

Beyond the Roads

A zone map of Avalon shows that the Roads form a very distinct rune / symbol shape. This makes it easier to recognize areas you've already visited and helps you find your way through the ever-shifting network. There are also paths outside of the Roads, which are called the Wilderness of Avalon.

The Wilderness hosts a variety of different locations:

  • Forest paths
  • Resource sites
  • Avalonian camps
  • Randomized Dungeon entrances

Location Details

Forest Paths

These simple paths wind through the forests and ruins of Avalon. You can use them as shortcuts, or to avoid the main roads if you're concerned about encountering other explorers.

Resource Sites

These locations have a high concentration of resources as well as elemental spirits guarding them. Unlike in the open world, elemental spirits in Avalon also appear in Veteran and Elite versions that are harder to defeat but give much more raw material. You may even encounter new Tier 7-8 Aspects and Guardians, which yield extremely valuable resources and may be enchanted all the way to level 3.

Resource sites are marked on the map, but it is up to you to discover their Tier and the strength of the spirits protecting them.

Avalonian Camps

In certain locations, Avalonians and their constructs are collecting artifacts and treasure from the deserted ruins. Players can attempt to take these treasures, but the chests will only open once all enemies at the site have been defeated. These camps appear from Tier 4-8 in the following difficulties:

  • Regular (solo players)
  • Veteran (small groups)
  • Elite (groups of about ten players)

Avalonian Camps are also marked on the map, but again, you will have to explore them to discover their Tier and what sort of treasure they hold.

Randomized Dungeon Entrances

These entrances lead to the same Randomized Solo, Group, and Elite dungeons as you'll find in the open world, but with a significant buff to Fame and loot. They are also significantly rarer than those that spawn in the open world.

Solo or Small Group?

There’s a lot of valuable treasure and Fame to be found in the Wilderness of Avalon. Some can be claimed on your own, but some is so valuable and difficult to acquire that you may want to tell your friends or guild about it. As the path you found to get there will probably disappear within a few hours, you'll have to be quick to tell others, and if you claim valuable treasure or resources you'll still have to safely bring them home or to the Marketplace.

Next Up: Living in the Wilderness

That's all for today – in our next Dev Talk we’ll discuss how you can build your own Hideout in Avalon and what it takes to live in a constantly-shifting labyrinth of ancient gateways and paths. Thanks for watching!


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