Robin Henkys gives a first look at the Roads of Avalon, a major new feature coming with the next update.

Dev Talk: Roads of Avalon, Part 1

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The Rise of Avalon update arrives in August, bringing a host of new features to the world of Albion. In our newest Dev Talk, Game Director Robin Henkys introduces the Roads of Avalon, a new system that will massively expand the gameworld and bring new opportunities for travel, exploration, and even settlement.

Note: Due to the complexity of this feature, today's Dev Talk is the first of three talks on this feature.

No time to watch the video, or prefer a written summary? Then read on...

What are Roads of Avalon?

The Roads of Avalon are a network of ever-changing paths through the ancient kingdom of Avalon. They allow players to do three things:

  • travel across vast distances in Albion
  • explore a new environment full of resources and treasures
  • live within a new environment away from the Outlands

They are ideally suited to small group gameplay, since they have unique mechanics that limit the number of players that can enter at one time.

This video covers the first topic, travel, and is split into two parts: how to find and enter a Road, and how to use it to get around the world of Albion.

Finding and Entering Roads

To enter the Roads, you will have to find a gateway to Avalon. They have a limited capacity for how many travellers can pass through them in each direction, and must recharge before additional players can enter or leave. The smallest will only let two players pass before its capacity is depleted, while the larger ones will allow small to medium size groups to pass.

The gateways also have a limited lifetime, so be sure to check how much time a gateway has left if you plan to return to where you started.

Once you enter a gateway, you’ll find yourself in the ancient kingdom of Avalon, specifically its road network. These ancient roads were built aeons ago by the Avalonians, who are now reactivating the mechanisms that power the gateways and the paths that connect them.

Traveling via Roads of Avalon

The Roads themselves connect different possible gateway positions, and are kept free of enemy creatures by Avalonian magic. You can also use the power imbued in the roads to speed you along as you move between gateways.

Each gateway connects to one of three places:

  • an Outlands zone
  • a Royal Continent zone
  • a different section of the Roads of Avalon

Exploring will uncover shortcuts through the world of Albion, which you can use for numerous purposes, including:

  • transport
  • trade
  • outmaneuvering enemies
  • accessing resources and dungeons far from your starting position

You will have to keep track of the remaining lifetime of each gateway you pass through, as the Roads of Avalon are constantly shifting and any given gateway may soon disappear forever, only to re-open to a different location in Albion.

Next Up: The Wilds of Avalon

This concludes our introduction to the Roads of Avalon. Join us for the next Dev Talk, where we’ll discuss what happens when you leave the Roads and venture into the wilderness beyond. Thanks for watching!


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