Robin Henkys discusses two major features coming with Lands Awakened.

Dev Talk: Power Cores and Headquarters Hideouts

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Lands Awakened arrives November 24, bringing major open-world features, Guild Season changes, and more. In our newest Dev Talk, Robin Henkys discusses Hideout Power Cores and Headquarters Hideouts, two related features that will shake up guild warfare and open-world PvP.

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Hideout Power Cores

  • New capturable open-world objective
  • Spawn anywhere in the Outlands in shielded state
  • While shielded, marked on local map but cannot be interacted with
  • After a short period, the shielding ends, allowing players on foot to pick up and carry the Power Core
  • If player is killed or drops the core, it remains for several minutes before dissipating
  • Capturing Power Cores:
    • Can be captured at a Hideout owned by the capturing player's guild
    • Increases the Hideout’s power level, which increases its crafting bonuses

Additionally, entering owned Hideouts set as "Home" grants temporary Fame buff (based on Hideout power level) in the Outlands

Further Details

  • Beyond Hideout rewards, players in parties capturing Power Cores receive significant Might and Favor
  • Cores spawn in varying strengths:
    • Weaker: unlock sooner, less Power
    • Stronger: visible further, longer shielding times, significant power boosts
  • Overall, Power Cores appear more frequently and with less warning than Energy Vortices, allowing smaller groups to claim them easier

Headquarters Hideouts

  • Qualifying guilds can declare a Hideout "Headquarters" (HQ)
  • Invulnerable to attack if properly powered
  • Two downsides:
    • Only accessible by owning guild
    • Must be maintained

Establishing HQ Hideouts

  • Must earn sufficient Season Points in previous season to qualify
  • Higher points earned unlocks better region Tier / Quality (e.g. 40,000 Energy Surge Season Points unlocks up to Tier 7 / Quality 3)
  • (Full qualification requirements:
  • Once per season, a Hideout construction site can be protected:
    • Site placement follows usual restrictions
    • After 20 minutes (NOTE: the video states 15 minutes, which is incorrect), it can be made invulnerable for the remainder of construction, turning it into an HQ
    • Boost also provides some starting Power


  • If HQ's Power falls below required amount at start of battle time, it becomes vulnerable
  • Preventable if owning guild captures Power Cores
  • Power required depends on zone Quality
  • High Power drains quicker, making it harder to maintain HQs in high-Quality regions
  • To assist maintenance, Power from cores is increased by 50% in HQs
  • Hideouts lose HQ status if the owners don't meet region requirements at season's end
  • Damaged HQs are vulnerable until fully restored


Earning and maintaining HQ Hideouts is no easy task, but being protected from attack allows guilds to make their own choices and forge their own destiny in Albion. (Note: HQs will be added to the Roads of Avalon in a later update; until then, Power Cores cannot be taken through the Roads.)

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