Robin Henkys discusses some of the big changes coming to open-world gameplay with the next update.

Dev Talk: Open-World Gameplay

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In our last Dev Talk, Game Director Robin Henkys introduced the visual and level design improvements coming with the Lands Awakened update in November. In this newest video, he introduces open-world gameplay changes including mobs that level up over time, updated Static Dungeons, and fully reworked treasure sites.

No time to watch, or prefer a summary? Read on...

Challenges and Goals

  • Challenges:
    • Offering valuable rewards that aren't static or predictable
    • Avoiding monopolization by powerful groups
  • Goals:
    • Dynamic, unpredictable rewards available to anyone in the right place at the right time
    • Exciting gameplay opportunities for all player types and group sizes

Open-World Mob Improvements

  • Overhauled visuals, balancing, abilities, and rewards
  • Mobs now level up over time:
    • "Recruits" spawn first
    • Over time these upgrade to regular or Champion mobs
    • If these remain unkilled, whole areas fill with them, offering massive rewards
    • Rewards exploration
    • Allows players to choose worthwhile areas
    • Encourages players to stray further from cities
  • Additional new map view mode showing approximate mob value of regions

Static Dungeon Updates

Mob upgrading system also applies to Static Open-World Dungeons:

  • Encourages dungeon exploration beyond the entrance areas
  • Entrances in neighboring regions added to make dungeons interesting hotspots:
    • Ensures players can’t camp one entrance
    • Can be used as emergency exits to escape powerful groups
    • Ensure that players can enter from all sides during “Dungeon Rush” Events
  • Dungeon Rush:
    • Limited warning; randomized start times; last for short periods
    • Mobs and treasure chests upgrade more quickly, offering huge rewards
    • Attracts other players, leading to showdowns

The reworked open-world dungeons offer plenty of opportunities for different player types: PvE players can explore them outside event times, while PvP players can rush in during events.

Reworked Treasure Sites

Current system:

  • Fixed locations
  • Open at preset intervals
  • Many players avoid for fear of encountering well-prepared groups
  • Outdated rewards

New system:

  • Treasures now appear anywhere in the open world
  • Give only limited warning before opening
  • Only visible to nearby players
  • Unlock time and visibility distance based on value
  • Offer opportunities for various player types and group sizes
  • Spawn much more frequently than current treasures
  • Treasures now use the rarity randomization system, resulting in rare and legendary treasures

Resource Treasures

Treasure system now spawns resources as well:

  • Fully charged resource nodes are marked on the region map for local players
  • Type and tier of resources depends on region, but will always be valuable and often enchanted
  • Additionally, for gatherers who want to avoid other players, the world map now shows approximate available resources by type and tier

More to Come

As you can see, there are tons of new features and improvements coming to the open world with the next update, and many other features as well. Soon we'll discuss new music, major Guild Season changes, HQ Hideouts and more, so stay tuned!


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