Albion's Game Director and Combat Designer give more details about the major rework to Staffs in the next update.

Dev Talk: Magic Staff Overhaul

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In our last Dev Talk, Game Director Robin Henkys introduced the upcoming Into the Fray update and gave an overview of its major features, including a major Magic Staff Overhaul. In today's video, he is joined by Combat Designer Michael Schwahn to give more details of this massive, from-the-ground-up rework of this entire weapon line.

Read on for a written description – and if you missed the last Dev Talk, you can watch it here.


  • In 2021, the War Gloves weapon line launched, with spells and abilities that felt crisp, impactful, and fun
  • Some old favorites started feeling outdated in comparison, so have been revamped
  • This rework is for one of the largest weapon groups in the game, Magic Staffs
    • 6 weapon lines: Fire, Holy, Nature, Cursed, Arcane, Frost
    • Over 220 items and 90 spells
    • Over one-third of all current weapon options
  • Most of the rework will launch with the upcoming Into the Fray update, with the rest coming in a subsequent patch



  • Bringing the gameplay experience of Magic Staffs to a whole new level
  • Making Staffs fun to use while also rewarding strategic high-level gameplay
  • Giving Staffs a powerful and mighty feel on the battlefield

These were accomplished through:

  • Massively upgraded visuals (both graphical and VFX)
  • Fully reworked player animations
  • New audio effects created specifically for each spell
  • Last but not least, numerous new and reworked abilities

Visual, Animation, and Audio Improvements

  • Redesigned and modernized Staff models
  • More distinct shapes and colors for better readability during gearing and combat
  • Greater distinction between One- and Two-handed Staffs, both through length and animations:
    • One-handed Staffs are now held towards the enemy; their action feels swifter, like a light sword
    • Two-handed Staffs are held upright; the caster conjures quick attacks from the offhand and heavier attacks from the full staff
  • VFX overhauled to make spells feel more impactful and polished
  • Completely re-imagined sound design, with all-new sound effects for each line

Gameplay Improvements

  • Numerous entirely new spells added
  • Older spells reworked:
    • Improving underused spells
    • Adding more depth to simpler spells
  • Examples of updates to specific staff lines follow

Fire Staffs

  • Pyroblast made more nuanced as a channeled skillshot
    • The longer the channel, the more damage it deals
    • Causes additional knockback when fully charged
    • Caster can break channel at any time for a less powerful shot
  • Other new spells: complete rework of Ignite, new E-spell for Infernal Staff

Holy Staffs

  • Many smaller adjustments to make abilities more dynamic
    • Now possible to move (slowly) while channeling Holy Beam
    • Desperate Prayer now adds a buff to the caster if used on a target above 40% health
    • Reworked Smite, can now be cast at the ground to hit multiple enemies

Nature Staffs

  • Thorns reworked into multi-castable ground area that slows enemies and gives stacking damage buff
  • New W spell, Brambleseed: throw to deal instant damage, and after a delay knock enemies airborne and deal additional damage
  • Both abilities make solo PvE and PvP more interesting and fun

Cursed Staffs

  • Field of Death replaced with Anguished Soul: conjure a ghostly creature that inflicts fear and magic damage
  • New Q-slot ability added, many existing abilities improved

"Into the Fray" and Beyond

  • The next update includes changes to Fire, Holy, Cursed, and Nature Staffs
  • Arcane and Frost Staffs will follow in a later patch, with changes including:
    • Arcane: Energy Bolt and Energy Beam replaced with more dynamic and interesting damage spells
    • Frost: new Q spells that do not depend on cast speed

We’re looking forward to sharing more about Arcane and Frost Staffs once the update is released at the start of the next season. For now, stay tuned for more Dev Talks on Portal Towns, the Castle Rework, and more!


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