Game Director Robin Henkys introduces Albion’s next big content update.

Dev Talk: Into the Fray Introduction

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Our last Dev Talk introduced some of the new features and improvements coming to Albion Online in 2022. In this video, Game Director Robin Henkys announces the arrival of many of these features in our next content update: Into the Fray.

No time to watch the video? Read on for a summary…

Magic Staff Overhaul

  • Fire, Holy, Nature, and Cursed Staffs will receive a thorough overhaul in this update
  • This means new animations, VFX, audio and even some new spells
  • Arcane and Frost Staffs will also receive an overhaul in a patch following the update

New Crystal Arena & Crystal League Improvements

  • A new Arena mode which uses Crystal League match rules
  • There will also be a non-lethal Crystal League, in addition to the current lethal Crystal League
  • These new systems will make it easier for players to enter the Crystal League and build up their skills without worrying about gear costs

Castle Overhaul

  • Castles are receiving a complete update to their graphics, layout, and battle flow
  • Castles and Castle Outposts will also receive new loot chests
  • These chests will be available throughout the day, driving constant action

Dynamic Events

  • Daily events will be added to the game
  • These will encourage engagement with particular features, such as Hellgates or Corrupted Dungeons
  • Short-term crafting bonuses will also add market fluctuations and new dynamics to the game

Outlands Travel Improvements

  • Into the Fray will make traveling into the Outlands more convenient and more accessible to new players
  • New Portal Towns offer a safe arrival point
  • New ‘Journey Back’ ability on mounts reduces long walk times for return journeys

Other Improvements

  • Victory Emotes give players a way to mark PvP victories
  • Training Dummies for Player Islands
  • Tooltips for zone exits
  • Party UI improvements
  • And more…

The other features mentioned in our 2022 Roadmap Dev Talk, like the solo expansion of the Roads of Avalon and the new Guild Finder UI, are still being worked on and will be introduced in a future update. You can expect to hear more about these once Season 16 has kicked off.

Stay tuned for more Dev Talks coming soon, where we’ll go into more depth about the features coming to the world of Albion with Into the Fray!


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