Combat Designer Michael Schwahn and Game Designer Cornelius Nitschkoff introduce two big new features.

Dev Talk: Fey Armor and Pristine Enchantment

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With the Beyond the Veil update just around the corner, it’s time for our fourth and final Dev Talk introducing some of the features coming on November 21. Here, Combat Designer Michael Schwahn and Game Designer Cornelius Nitschkoff take a look at the all-new Fey Armor and Pristine Enchantment.

Fey Armor

Within the Mists, dangerous, fantastical creatures can be found, which drop rare artifacts when killed:

  • These can be used to craft new armor:
    • The scales of the Fey Dragon can be woven into Cloth Armor
    • The feathers of the Griffin can be stitched into Leather Armor
    • The carapace of the Veilweaver can be forged into Plate Armor
  • These artifacts are exclusively found in the Mists, and cannot be created at the Artifact Foundry

These armors:

  • Have the same base stats and Item Power as level 3 Artifact Armors
  • Can be found next to them on the Destiny Board
  • Have their own Combat and Crafting Specializations

New Abilities

Each Fey Armor piece comes with its own unique ability, for example:

  • The spider-themed Duskweaver (Plate Armor):
    • Helmet ability Spider Thread
      • Shoots a thread, if it hits an enemy they are slowed
      • Can be recast to pull you close to the enemy
  • Mistwalker (Leather Armor):
    • Jacket ability Mist Cloud
      • Makes you immune to damage and healing except for when attacking or using an ability
      • Allows ‘hit and run’ gameplay
      • Allies within the cloud are invisible, but can take damage

  • Feyscale (Cloth Armor):
    • Robe ability Wild Magic
      • Rotates through three different spell options:
        • Ring of Fire: sets fire to the ground around you, causing enemies to flee
        • Storm Shield: Increases resistances and stuns enemies who attack you
        • Frozen Fragments: Summons five fragments which shoot at the enemy when you deal damage
      • Recasting the ability casts the highlighted spell

Pristine Enchantment

Resources can now exist in a new Pristine enchantment level:

  • An open world objective, encouraging large group fights
  • Correspond to a .4 enchantment level
  • Extremely rare, and found exclusively in the Outlands
  • Appear as T4-8 big resource nodes
  • Hide, Fiber, Wood, and Ore can be Pristine, but not Stone
  • Protected for a long period after spawning by a magic shield
  • Appear on the minimap and zone map, as well as on the world map when close enough

Pristine Resources:

  • Can be acquired via transmutation
  • Cannot be gained via Laborers
  • Can be crafted into Pristine Items

Pristine Items:

  • Grant 100 additional Item Power
  • Cannot be gained by enchantment at the Artifact Foundry

Fey Armor and Pristine enchantment will bring exciting new dimensions to combat and crafting in Albion. We’re looking forward to seeing what new interactions and playstyles develop around Fey Armor, and witnessing tense open-world fights over Pristine Resources. Thanks for watching, and check out the Beyond the Veil update when it launches on November 21!


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