Robin Henkys introduces the major Faction Warfare changes coming with the next update.

Dev Talk: Faction Warfare Revamped

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In our newest Dev Talk, Albion's Game Director, Robin Henkys, introduces the major changes coming to Faction Warfare with the Call to Arms update. (Note: since this is a huge feature with lots to discuss, we'll have multiple videos covering this topic.)

Prefer a written summary? Then read on...

As many of you know, Faction Warfare has been in the game for quite a while now. In this system players can sign up for one City Faction and go fight on behalf of their city against enemy Faction NPC and players. They can capture Outposts and earn Faction Points to spend on Faction rewards.

Key goals of the rework:

  • Accessible and inclusive for all players on the Royal Continent
  • Meaningful incentives for loyalty to a city
  • Exciting large-scale battles that are easy to join and reward participation
  • Supporting existing Faction Warfare players and ensuring their current full-loot system is continued and improved

So how will these goals be met?

1. Accessible and inclusive:

  • Faction Warfare in yellow and blue regions is now non-lethal, so new players can engage with this feature without losing their gear
  • Faction Warfare in the red zones remains lethal
  • Increased number of red zones in the world
  • Red zones have higher value Faction Point targets for advanced players

2. Faction loyalty:

  • Enlistment and flagging up is now a two-step process:
    • Step 1: enlist with a Faction to become a permanent member
    • Step 2: actively flag up to actually fight on their behalf
  • If you choose to un-flag, you will still remain enlisted
  • As long as you remain enlisted, you will keep your rank and other advantages, encouraging loyalty to a chosen Faction

3. Large-scale battles:

  • Lets new players gain their first experience in open-world warfare, while veteran players can participate during periods of low guild activity
  • Focuses on bringing opposing Factions into conflict via a “front line”, where large battles occur frequently and players can easily join
  • To achieve this, we made regions of the world map conquerable
  • To conquer a region, a Faction needs to control and hold the majority of Outposts within it
  • Controlling a region allows you to push the front line further towards the enemy while protecting your own regions
  • In yellow and blue regions, players knocked out can rejoin the battle from a nearby friendly Outpost, so retaining control of Outposts is critical
  • Should a region get separated from the rest of your regions, you will no longer be able to respawn there, cutting you off from reinforcements
  • Players can use this to their advantage by capturing regions strategically and breaking an enemy’s supply line

4. Faction rewards:

  • Players will still be rewarded in Faction Points, which they can spend at their Faction stores
  • Earn points by capturing Outposts and whole zones
  • The value of capturable objectives increases over time, offering an incentive to push behind enemy lines
  • Players are also rewarded for defense, as regions generate more points the longer they are held
  • In addition to immediate rewards, a weekly report sums up your performance and rewards additional points based on personal and overall Faction success

Notes on red zone play:

  • Red zones give the same rewards, but in much greater amounts
  • With no respawning at Outposts, red-zone players will have to maneuver carefully and strategically
  • In addition to generating much higher rewards, the red zones will have a new enemy to be announced soon

The Faction Warfare rework is so large we’ve split it into multiple videos – join us next time where we’ll discuss Faction Rewards, ranks, balancing, and the all new Faction Seasons.

Thanks for watching!


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