Albion's Environment Art Team gives a look at Brecilien, the new city arriving with the next update.

Dev Talk: City in the Mists

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In our last Dev Talk, Game Director Robin Henkys presented the Mists, a massive new feature release coming with the Beyond the Veil update on November 21. In our newest video, Environment Artists Johannes Geier and Maria Perakis take a closer look at Brecilien, the mystical "City in the Mists":

A New City

  • Brecilien takes its name from the forest surrounding it
  • Serves as a safe haven for those lost in the Mists or who willingly choose to make it their home
  • Built on the ruins of an abandoned Avalonian settlement
  • Fusion of wilderness and magic creates a symbiotic relationship between the forest, the wisps, and the ancient Avalonian architecture
  • Position is constantly changing
  • Reaching it for the first time is its own challenge

Further Explorations

  • Once inside, the city has a new mystical environment resembling the Mists
  • Includes new music as well (as do the Mists themselves)
  • Many of the same amenities as other cities in Albion
  • Own crafting specialties, shops, and city plots
  • Includes all-new Player Islands:
    • New aesthetic, but identical in price and function to traditional Player Islands
    • Same purchasing requirements, but can be owned alongside Royal Continent islands
    • For this reason, upgrade levels between Brecilien/Royal islands aren’t shared, and abandoning a Royal island does not give a head start in Brecilien

A New Travel Hub

  • Allows direct access to the Roads of Avalon and the Mists
  • Roads of Avalon: 
    • Chooses a random Roads zone
    • When a party member goes through it binds itself to the destination, allowing up to four other party members to join
    • Only bound for a limited time
    • Members who join the group after the binding is in place cannot use it
  • The Mists:
    • Allows access to any available Mists mode (solo nonlethal, solo lethal, duo lethal)
    • Entrance can be used at any time, but has a cooldown to discourage "rerolling" location
    • Gives access to common Mists regions; higher-value regions require Wisps in the open world or the Mists

Surrounding Areas

  • Four permanent regions just outside the city
  • Minimal resources can be found
  • Primarily there so players can access Randomized/Corrupted Dungeons and Hellgates
  • These regions aren’t protected by the city and players can be attacked, though protections exist:
    • Invisibility shrines as in Portal Towns
    • Several ways to re-enter: same exit previously used, OR additional portals
    • Two other exits linked to other regions around the city
    • Total of six ways to avoid attacks
    • Finally, attacking unflagged players results in reputation loss

Wisps of Brecilien

  • Brecilien's Wisps are skeptical of outsiders, but players may be able to earn their respect
  • Value of this respect is currently unknown
  • However, the locals speak of a leader who left the city and may return, shedding more light on this mystery

Beyond the Veil launches November 21; stay tuned for one more Dev Talk on Fey Armor and Pristine Resources.

Thanks for watching, and see you soon!


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