This is the first article in our new Chronicles of Albion series in which we will cover players, guilds, political events and other interesting stories from the World of Albion. From the group of the most prestigious guilds, Vendetta was randomly chosen as our first spotlight and we hope to cover many more guilds in the future.

Chronicles of Albion: Vendetta

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In 2013, when Skytea entered first the world of Albion, he was simply in search of having a little fun with a group of friends in an entirely new game world. Little did he know, he would soon become the valiant leader of a guild easily recognizable on every continent in the world of Albion.

“When I first started playing Albion, I originally joined with just my brother Teasky. My brother and I managed to get Alpha keys from the leader of the #1 guild at the time, Death. Even though we now have a bitter relationship with them, we really appreciate them getting us into the game,” Skytea explained.

After they were invited to the game by the guild leader, Sendog, the brothers began to commit mutinous acts, wreaking havoc upon Death itself. Soon after Sendog realized that those who he had provided Alpha keys to were the cause of all of his troubles, Skytea and Teasky were cast out and ostracized. They were immediately kill on sight; Death fodder. 

Death was the first exceptionally large organization in the world of Albion, and has the structural integrity to rival any guild today. Although Skytea and Teasky appreciated the Alpha keys they received from the top guild, they decided to not join their organization and fled from the pack. They completely broke ties with Sendog, which spawned a bitter rivalry between the brothers and Death.

Competing with Death was unfathomable for Skytea and Teasky. There was absolutely no way they could handle the entirety of Death, so they had to do something quick if they wanted to compete. Clearly, the pressure was on and they had to make a hasty decision. A decision that would result in the creation of arguably the most notable guild in the history of Albion; Vendetta.

With only Death to rival them, Vendetta had solidified themselves as one of the most formidable guilds in Albion, and they had to safeguard their newly-found status at all costs. They hastily came to the realization that although they were an elite tight-knit group of players, they needed more people.

“After being cast out by Death and creating our own guild, it was obvious that if we wanted to be on top, we had to structure ourselves with a strong core leadership. We also needed to recruit devoted members that would put their all into our guild,” Skytea explained.

He seemed genuinely astonished by the ever-growing interest in his organization by the community. He was oblivious to the fact that Vendetta would eventually grow into one of the largest and most coordinated organizations Albion has ever seen.

Fast forward to today, 2 years later, Vendetta hasn’t changed one bit. It is still an organization widely recognized for its accomplishments and seasoned history within the world. The main difference between two years ago and today is that there is considerably more competition as Albion’s community has grown with rapid pace. Although Vendetta is still accomplishing many of its goals during Closed Beta, it has become increasingly challenging to maintain status as a top dog.

I asked Skytea about how Vendetta was doing so far in the first week of Closed Beta.

“It’s tough. The alliance between Finstack and BC has proven to be a real challenge to our open world presence,” he responded.

The rich rivalry between Finstack and Vendetta only adds fuel to the fire. Finstack is a much younger organization in Albion, but they have established their name as a top guild in a very short frame of time. Vendetta initially provided support to the growth of Finstack through an alliance, which much of the community alleged Vendetta to be ‘babying’ the Fins. As a result, Finstack broke its ties with Vendetta and a serious rivalry cultivated. The Fins wanted to prove that they can easily stand on their own feet without the need of any help from Vendetta. Many would argue that they not only did that, but they also contested Vendetta’s claim to the top spot.

“The Fins and BC aren’t the only ones who have made it tough for us, but Nilfgaard and WarLegend have also been progressing at a pace that is really a challenge to keep up with. It also doesn’t help that we’ve lost a GvG battle to each of them. Those were important territories to our progression,” said Skytea.

Led by Stormshooter, Nilfgaard is another very young guild in the world of Albion. Although competition has grown significantly since the birth of Vendetta, Nilfgaard has proven to exceed most guilds in terms of both open world presence, as well as both large and small scale PvP coordination. For the past 6 months, Nilfgaard has provided many of the most challenging GvG battles Vendetta has experienced.

“We aren’t worried at all though, we have the infrastructure and the talent to take down any guild. In any case, the fights have been really fun so far, both the ones we have won and lost from each of our rivals. We will continue to dominate the open world as we did on the first few days.”

Right off the bat, Vendetta was making mince-meat of all opposition on Albion’s western continent. They initially had defeated their most notable rivals, Finstack and BC, in open world contest and wiped them off the map. Unfortunately for Vendetta, shortly after, Finstack and BC shaped up and also wiped Vendetta a number of times in large scale battle.

“Man, it’s really a challenge beating those guys in the open world. They definitely have the talent and skill to compete. We reacted to their alliance, by forming our own non-aggression pact with Banished,” Skytea told me.

Banished is another distinguished name in the world of Albion. Similar to Vendetta, Banished has established itself as a dominant force in Albion Online while also maintaining a level of structure that can challenge any other guild mentioned here.

“My guild feels that we have been doing very well on our own so far, so with Banished on our side, I’m confident that we will decimate any opposition in our way”.

With these two major alliances forming - Vendetta with Banished and Finstack with BC - we are headed towards a very interesting experience moving forward during Closed Beta. Keep a keen-eye out, as things are about to get messy on the battlefield.

This news article was fetched automatically from the official Albion Online website.


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