Which 16 teams made it to the Double Eliminations phase? Check out the stats from the Arena Masters so far and what you can look forward to next week!

Catch up on Qualifiers

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We have already witnessed some formidable matches during the Qualifiers, and we expect this to continue in upcoming Double Elimination phase!
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Before our teams go head to head again in the final stages of the Albion Arena Masters, we would like to present to you some insights from the tournament so far.

Honorable mentions and stats so far

  • A total of 78 matches have been played in the Qualifiers.
  • There has been an average of 43 kills per match with a total of 3371.
  • Team Clownfiesta topping the charts with 203 overall kills.
  • 2017 Hellgate Champs are currently in the lead with caps, with a total of 78 throughout all of their games. They also have a perfect ratio, without a single loss to their name. How long will this win streak last? 
  • Showing no mercy, GlennsASheep has had the most kills in a single match with 61 of them.

What you can look forward to

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You can also find more detailed information on the the participating teams, their guilds and match overviews here. Watch it on AlbionTV.

Upcoming Broadcast schedule:
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