An in-depth look at the Glaive, one of Albion’s deadliest weapons.

Build Spotlight: The Glaive

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The Glaive is a weapon that stands out from the other Spears. It offers high levels of single-target damage with the potential to overturn the course of a fight. Pairing it with the right gear setup for the situation at hand is a vital step on the path to victory.

The Glaive

First, let’s go through the strengths this weapon offers.

Spirit Spear’ is the best option for PvP combat. It is a stackable ability that increases your attack range by 30% and regular attack damage by 35% for 8 seconds after casting. Spirit Spear effects stack three times; each use after the initial stack costs additional energy.

‘Forest of Spears’ in the second set of skills is your primary source of AoE damage. It deals a massive amount of damage throughout the channel, but can easily be dodged.

Your other option in this tree is ‘Cripple,’ an attack that damages and slows the enemy while increasing your movement speed. The advantage of this ability is that it also removes movement effects on the target: for example, ‘Heroic Strike’ (used by Swords) can be removed with ‘Cripple’.

The highlight of the Glaive is ‘Fling;’ an ability that allows you to build up damage based on your Spirit Spear stacks. ‘Fling’ throws an enemy over your shoulder, potentially dealing a substantial amount of damage.

Glaives have many choices as far as passives go, but ‘Attack Speed’ stands out from the others for this build. Every six auto attacks, you will gain a massive burst of attack speed for three seconds. Pairing this with a Hunter Jacket gives the Glaive a large window of attack-speed bursts to take down a target.

The Gear

The gear choices that best complement your Glaive entirely depend on the fight you intend to pursue.

Let’s start with helmets: anywhere outside of a GvG or Hell Gate, the best option is the Soldier Helmet. The ‘Block’ ability on the Soldier Helmet gives you invulnerability, a very convenient cooldown that can you get out of tricky situations.

In a GvG or Hell Gate, the Demon Helmet stands out as the best choice (if you can afford it.) ‘Hush’ silences an enemy one second after the cast for a significant amount of time, giving your team a great window to make a play. Whichever helmet you choose, remember to take the ‘Toughness’ passive to negate 2.5% of incoming damage.

The Hunter Jacket simply complements the Glaive too well not to use it. ‘Haste’ increases your attack speed by a whopping 60% and all damage output by 10%. Taking the ‘Swiftness’ passive further increases your attack speed.

The choice of boots is straightforward: Royal Shoes. ‘Evasive Jump’ has a 15-second cooldown and a massive range that lets you reposition easily after using your cooldowns in a team fight. Here too, ‘Swiftness’ is the best passive to take as it greatly complements the whole build. Don’t forget that after the first portion of the jump, you are invincible in the air!

As far as consumables go, Resistance Potions and Beef Stew are the way to go.

Tips and Tricks

Utilizing the Glaive to its full potential is a little more difficult than merely clicking keys and pointing at enemies.

Remember to always check your Spirit Spear stacks. They are located just under your player model: you can quickly check the number of stacks as well as the timer before they expire. Always ensure that you have three stacks, as the most significant component of your damage is Spirit Spear.

Don’t be afraid of running out of energy; in the time that it takes for you to need a fresh Spirit Spear, you will have regenerated enough energy to cast it.

Time your ‘Haste’ from the Hunter Jacket with your passive ‘Attack Speed’ as much as you can; this burst of attack speed can catch the enemy off guard and secure you an easy pick.

‘Fling’ is your biggest cooldown to manage, so knowing when to use it is key to mastering the Glaive. ‘Fling’ does the most damage when you have three stacks of Spirit Spear. However, remember that damage is not everything. If you see an opening that would allow you to ‘Fling’ a target with high kill potential, do it.

Remember that ‘Hush’ silences the enemy a second after you use it; using ‘Hush’ on an enemy and then Flinging them back will make sure that they are silenced when they hit the ground, thus dramatically increasing your kill potential.

Try to save ‘Forest of Spears’ for a crowd-control chain from your team, or to hit multiple targets. Your damage from a stacked Spirit Spear and various attack speed bonuses are higher than ‘Forest of Spears’ on a single target.

Use ‘Cripple’ effectively by removing stacks of ‘Heroic Strike’ from enemy swords. By removing these stacks, the enemy’s skill rotation is disturbed, and you’ve saved your healer’s energy by avoiding the extra damage. You can also use ‘Cripple’ as an execute if auto-attacks can’t finish the job; remember that it slows the enemy!

That’s all for this Build Spotlight; be sure to check out these videos from members of the community highlighting the Glaive’s amazing potential.



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