Today, I would like to provide you with what I consider as one of the best solo-gank roaming builds in the game. Please note that this spotlight represents my personal opinion and experience with the game and is not supposed to be understood as an official guide on how to succeed in Albion Online.

Build Spotlight: Morgana’s Rogue

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A Rogue of Morgana is an expert at guerilla warfare. Evasively maneuvering in and out of combat on a whim, and slashing their opponent to death before they even realize what hit them. Sound like fun? Well we have just the build to optimize that playstyle for you.

To begin with, let’s cover a general overview of the gear used in this build.

  1. Medium Plate Helmet Light
  2. Leather Chest Light
  3. Leather Boots
  4. Claws

Helmet Skill: Pairing medium helmet with light leather chest and boots provides an optimal mix of mobility and damage. Your helmet skill should be Defenseless Rush – mandatory for gaining a 72% movement speed buff that will allow you to catch any prey, even those running away from you on horseback.

Helmet Passive: The best choice of passive for this build would be Increased Movement Speed, which slightly increases your base movement speed by 2.5%. This is important, as your goal is to maximize your mobility while also maximizing your damage output.

Chest Skill: Next, your primary skill on your light leather chest should be Blink – again, providing mobility that you simply cannot afford to pass up on for solo-roaming. Blink is essentially a short distance teleport that you can use to chase, flee or even skillfully dodge enemy skills. In conjunction with defenseless rush, blink will turn you into an uncatchable speed demon. Not only does this excel in catching unsuspecting enemies off-guard, but it also gives you the mobility to escape any unfavorable circumstance.

Chest Passive: The passive you will want to take would be Aggression, which increases your damage output by 10%. This is the most important passive to grab, as the 10% increase in damage makes a considerable difference towards your burst damage.

Boots Skill: Third, you will want to grab energetic sprint for a vital 100% burst in movement speed for a short duration. Although there are other great options on medium and heavy boots, light boots’ energetic sprint passive provides you with energy regeneration that essentially negates the energy cost of using sprint in the first place. In other words, sprinting utilizes no energy in this build. More energy, in turn, means more mobility.

Boots Passive: The optimal passive to take here would, again, be Aggression; in this case, increasing your damage output by another 5%. The reasoning here is self-explanatory: you want to slaughter your opposition.

Finally, and most importantly, your weapon of choice: Claws.

Upgrading from daggers and acquiring these babies are what separate the boys from wolverine, quite literally. Claws are one of many unique weapons in Albion. They are acquired by unlocking fame through the archery branch in the destiny board up to the final power level; Tier 4.3. You should start by utilizing bows up till tier 3, then swap out to 1 handed dagger once you hit tier 4. Follow a long this path until tier 4.3 and before you know it, you’ll become a claw-hoarder like the rest of us! It may be a bit of a challenge to acquire the fame and also grab hold of a crafter that specializes in claw crafting, but it is certainly an effort that you won’t regret.

Since you naturally have 3 skill slots available on your weapon, let’s lightly discuss what our 3 best options are for solo ganking with claws.

Sunder Armor: This is a skill that not only does nifty sustained damage, but also reduces your opponents armor and magic resist by a considerable amount – the debuff stacks three times, so it’s important to stack this on your opponent as often as possible. They won’t even know what hit them.

Ground Dash: Although there is another excellent skill option, from Infiltration (which releases a smoke bomb that sleeps enemy for a long duration), I would recommend using ground dash in this build instead. Considering that your priority is to solo gank and catch enemies off guard, the 10 meter dash is essentially a second blink. With this on your skill bar, there is no chance of an enemy slipping away from you.

Disembowel: The bread and butter of this build, disembowel is the skill that will mince your opposition into non-existence. During the cast, your opponent is rooted in place and receives blow after blow of massive damage.

Playstyle & Combos

When utilizing a build like this, you will want to exert a very aggressive playstyle. You have the mobility to play very offensively or defensively with a bit of split-second decision making. The most common combo for ganking someone off guard is by using energetic sprint, followed by defenseless rush. This will give you a stacked speed boost that even a horse can’t escape. Afterwards, you can hit your enemy with a sunder armor cast to ensure that they have their resistances reduced for the major blow that will come from disembowel right afterwards. Your dash and/or blink can be thrown in there to either close the gap even more efficiently, or prepare for disengagement incase the enemy has allies backing them up.

If you have any doubts about the potency of a full-on mobility/burst build, check it out in action!

Now that we have a general understanding of which skills to utilize and why, let’s discuss the pros and cons of our newly found build.


The most notable pro of our build is that it is extremely slippery, and has arguably the most mobility in the game. No one should be able to keep up with you, nor run away from you. Your ganking potential is limitless. With the root that disembowel provides you, there is absolutely no escape for your enemy without reinforcements.


A noteworthy con of this build is that you are completely designed for solo play, and may come off as a hindrance to a group during a large scale battle. This is because the nature of this build is primarily single target burst damage, and you need to be up front and in their face to land it. There’s a good chance that in a large scale fight you’ll be placed out of position or your burst will get interrupted, so you have to play very cautious if you do decide to go for large battles in this build. If large scale is your focus, then this is more than likely not the build you want to go with! However, if you love the thrill of solo ganking innocent passers-by, even those that are mounted and fleeing, then this is exactly the build you are in search of.  

Onwards, Bringer of Death!

Consider yourself an apprentice Rogue of Morgana. It appears that you are ready to slice and dice your opponents in the blink of an eye, so get to it! Your prey awaits you in Albion.

This news article was fetched automatically from the official Albion Online website.


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