An in-depth look at the Galatine Pair, a new artifact weapon introduced in the Kay update that's already taking over Albion’s battlefields.

Build Spotlight: Galatine Pair

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How do you kill someone in Albion? Well, by lowering their health of course! This simple fact is what makes the Galatine Pair so strong: it can deal massive amounts of damage while also lowering the maximum health of an enemy.

Weapon Skills

Picking the right skills for your Galatine Pair is very straightforward.

Heroic Strike damages an enemy while granting a stack of Heroic Charge. Each stack grants a 10% boost to your movement speed for 6 seconds, stacking up to 3 times. If you're killing mobs, Heroic Cleave also grants the same passive but damages multiple enemies for a lower amount.

There are a few different options in the second row of skills, but Splitting Slash sets itself apart with its high damage and root.

Your Soulless Stream is the most critical ability you have. When you cast it, large magic waves fill an area around you and all enemies hit have their maximum health reduced by 20%. On top of that, they are dealt an enormous amount of damage that scales with your Heroic Charge stacks.

One important thing to remember is that you can cancel your Soulless Stream before it finishes the channel. You can use this to bait out defensives and then roll or ambush your way into a helpless enemy.

The passive to take is Increased Defence: every 5 normal attacks, your resistances increase by a substantial amount for 2 seconds. Go ahead and take resistance potions and beef stew as well. Remember to pop the potions when you’re getting focused! Some people may prefer to take the pork omelette because of the cooldown reduction it offers; if your team has the damage, go for the omelette.

Gear Choice

With a focus on surviving as you build your stacks of Heroic Charge, this gear setup best complements the strengths of the Galatine Pair.

Since you're a front-liner without an offhand to help you live, the Soldier Helmet really shines as the best choice. Its Block ability grants you invulnerability for 2 seconds, though you won’t be able to attack or cast abilities during this time. That lets you get out of any sticky situations you may find yourself in, and the Toughness passive negates 2.5% of the damage you take.

The next choice is a bit tricky; you're going to want to take the Assassin Jacket as it offers the best abilities and stats for the Galatine Pair. But, depending on the fight, you're going to want to change the ability you take. Normally, you're going to want to take Ambush. When activated you’ll slowly turn invisible for 8 seconds, and your next attack will deal extra damage, depending on how long you were invisible. I'll explain the main reason behind the selection later, but you already have two strong defensives. Ambush can be used as a survival tool, but we'll talk about why it’s used offensively later. If you find that you're taking too much damage to stay in the front-line long enough, you can swap to Inferno Shield. It increases your resistances by a lot and reflects 30% of damage back to the attacker for 8 seconds.

You want a strong movement ability to finish off your build, so there's no better choice than the Royal Shoes. With the Evasive Jump ability you can roll up to 12m away, and thanks to this recent patch you are immune to all crowd control effects and damage during the roll. Throw the Balanced Mind passive on both the Assassin Jacket and the Royal Shoes to further increase your damage.

The Playstyle

Your role as the Galatine Pair is to stack your Heroic Charge while soaking damage and eventually using Soulless Stream; If you’re taking damage and not gaining ‘Heroic Charge’ stacks – you’re playing wrong. You'll notice very fast that there are a lot of things that can get rid of your stacks; various purges, cripples, and even being too far to be able to Heroic Strike. Don't panic if you have no stacks; your Soulless Stream doesn’t need any for its health reduction effect. Learning when to use this ability is core to mastering the Galatine Pair.

So, why take Ambush on your jacket? Well, your Soulless Stream has a cast time of .7 seconds, so players can potentially react and use a defensive to avoid it. However, if you Ambush and then get in position to use your Soulless Stream, you can cast it before Ambush wears off. Since you're casting it while invisible, the enemy won't see the channel until it is a bit further along, meaning they'll have less time to react. Plus, depending on how long you've stacked Ambush, your damage will have a significant increase against the first person hit.

The final thing I have to mention is that as a Galatine Pair player, you're going to take a lot of damage. You're a frontline player, and you're going to get focused a lot – many people even specifically build to counter you through purges or silences. As long as you position yourself well, though, you should be able to survive anything.

That's all for this Build Spotlight; if you'd like to see the Galatine Pair in action, you can check out these videos by members of the community. You can also visit the previous Build Spotlight here, and be sure to come back for more!


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