Albion’s next major update introduces the Mists, a new city, reworked Roads of Avalon, new Armor, and more.

Beyond the Veil Arrives November 21

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November 21 brings Albion’s latest content update: Beyond the Veil. This huge update expands the realms of Albion, introducing a new region called the Mists, a new city, new mobs, and new Artifact Armor. Additionally, the Roads of Avalon are significantly reworked, making them more competitive for smaller guilds while still offering large-group content. And a new resource enchantment – Pristine – brings extremely rare and valuable treasures for high-level players. With all this and more, Beyond the Veil expands Albion’s possibilities for every player type.

Lift the Veil

A strange and magical realm known as the Mists is dedicated exclusively to solo and duo players, offering a range of PvP and PvE in unpredictable zones. The Mists also contain a new City – Brecilien – with no fixed location, offering access to the Mists and the Roads of Avalon along with its own crafting bonuses. The Mists are also home to fantastical creatures, which drop never-before-seen artifacts that can be crafted into Fey Armor, with nine items featuring all-new spells.

Roads Revisited

The Roads of Avalon have received a significant rework, becoming more accessible for smaller and independent guilds. Such groups will find it easier to make their home in the Roads, while larger guilds will have to work harder to dominate regions. Certain areas of the Roads offer greater riches than ever before, ensuring they remain attractive to those groups. Back in Albion’s open world, a new enchantment level of resource is spawning in the Outlands: Pristine. Extremely rare and valuable, and shielded at first, these resources offer a high-level goal for powerful groups to contest. They can also be created through transmutation, offering high-level crafting possibilities and bringing new dimensions to combat.

Quality-of-Life Improvements

Albion’s guilds will find their UIs significantly improved, with an updated Guild Crest Creator, a new Guild Description UI making it easier to reach potential recruits, and Guild Loadouts easily equippable from the Marketplace and chests. The character selection screen has been revamped, mobile players have improved spell targeting and casting, and the Destiny Board better explains Auto-learn and Auto-respec.

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Go Beyond

Beyond the Veil expands and enriches Albion’s possibilities for players of all types and groups of all sizes. For full details, check out the official update page:



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