Show off your combat prowess with this brand-new costume and mount skin bundle.

Become a Learned Fighter with the Master of Fists Vanity Bundle

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A new vanity bundle is here - the powerful Master of Fists! Available now from the ingame store, this premium bundle includes a full costume set along with a matching Master of Fists Horse skin for your Riding Horse base mount.

This bundle is perfect for showing off your martial arts expertise. With bronze plates and jewelry shining in the spring light, you will step out onto the plains of Albion with the studied grace and power of a dedicated fighter. Along with a trusted white riding horse, the bundle also includes a daunting demon mask, striking fear into anyone who dares engage you in combat.

The mask and robes also include optional guild versions to show off your guild's colors in style – and with the stylings of a close-combat expert, this is the perfect set to use in combination with the War Gloves weapon line. So for anyone who’s been studying these weapons and mastering their powers since they launched in November, now you have the perfect vanity set in which to demonstrate your abilities!

The Master of Fists Bundle includes the following vanity skins, which work on male and female characters alike:

  • Master of Fists Tattoo
  • Master of Fists Hat
  • Master of Fists Mask
  • Master of Fists Guild Mask
  • Master of Fists Robes
  • Master of Fists Guild Robes
  • Master of Fists Sandals
  • Master of Fists Scroll
  • Master of Fists Horse

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