NoLife won the first AlbionTV invitational PvP tournament. Learn more about their mindset and strategies in this exclusive interview!

AlbionTV Tournament: NoLife Winners Interview

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Earlier this month, AlbionTV hosted an invitational 5v5 tournament between some of the most experienced guilds of the Albion Online beta. The competition was tough and the fights were intense, but in the end the Russian guild NoLife came out on top and proved themselves a force to be reckoned with among their fellow rivals. Evoque of AlbionTV sat down with the team and picked their brain about the tournament, their strategies and plans after launch.

AlbionTV: What does it mean to you to win this tournament?

NoLife: We came to this game a month after Galahad started, while going through the fires of the hellgates, the relenting zergs and the intensity of the GvG’s we fell in love with this game. We realized that we wanted to be the best and were ready to put the time for it. We trained pretty hardcore, recorded our fights and then analyzed them afterwards to improve our game. We feel like this tournament for us was the end result of our hard work, a test to see how much we have improved.  Now we are ready for release and this victory has given us a shot of confidence.

AlbionTV: Thinking back to the start of the tournament, did you always believe you could win?

NoLife:  We came to this tournament to test ourselves and our resolve. We believed in our ability to win it. Although funnily enough, we were not sure if we would be able to make it through the whole tournament as we had pretty bad weather in our area and it was causing a lot of connection issues for our team,  despite that we didn’t want to be defeated by General ‘Weather’ and decided to risk it and continue with the tournament. The rest is history.

AlbionTV: You had some stand out games, what do you think contributed most to your victories throughout this tournament?

NoLife: Two words Leeeeerooooyyyyy Jenkinss …. No seriously we owe our victories to the awesome support and contributions of the rest of our guild mates and allies. Special mention to our talisman, soul and the muse of our guild – RedQueen.

AlbionTV: Time and time again we saw The Abyss and their composition steamroll opponents who utilize the current GvG meta/3 melee setup.  How do you believe you overcame this and did you have any special strategy heading into the finals against The Abyss?

NoLife: A magician never reveals his tricks: P

AlbionTV: The finals were absolute carnage. Coming away with a 3-2 victory over The Abyss is a great achievement. After your first loss to The Abyss, was there anything you felt you needed to change in regards to your approach or playstyle? How did your team deal with the back and forth win/loss of the finals and is there anything you’ve learned from this experience?

NoLife: It took us a while to come up with the winning strategy. After each loss we analyzed the fight and came up with solutions. With every win, we gained confidence and polished our original strategy.  We like usually trust each other and didn't lose self control under stress and were confident we could outplay our opponents.

AlbionTV: What did you think of your oppositions composition, and do you feel your composition was superior or that you simply outplayed them; or both?

NoLife: The Abyss had one of the best composition in the current meta, but our team was able to adapt quickly to different strategies and it was very challenging to defeat an antimelee setup
with a melee composition, however we decided to take on the challenge and in the end it paid off!
“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy not yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

AlbionTV: With launch looming, do you plan to keep your 5 man composition the same?

NoLife: We used the modernized version of classic setup (thanks for that idea AcidHC) as other teams will most likely mimic our composition, which would be flattering, but that means we will have to improvise.

AlbionTV: Where can we find your guilds recruitment page?

NoLife: No need, in Russia guild finds you.

Check out NoLife’s tournament’s highlights below! 

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