The Queen update shakes up the world of Albion and brings some big changes.

Albion's Biggest-Ever Update is Here

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Queen, Albion Online's biggest and most ambitious content update, is now live! A big update needs a big trailer, so here it is. Hear firsthand from our development team as they discuss how Queen brings Albion Online one step closer to being the ultimate sandbox MMO.

As part of the transition into this new era for the game, we're also introducing several new offers for loyal players and making some adjustments to Premium status - you can find all the details below.

Watch the new trailer here:

For more details of the major features Queen brings to the game, check the official update page.

You can find detailed descriptions of each feature, along with changes and fixes, in the official patch notes.

Special Offer for First-Time Buyers

For those of you who have not yet made a real-money purchase in our shop, we are happy to now offer the Premium Promo Pack with fantastic bonus items. This pack costs only USD $9.95 (USD $11.95 after January 29), and includes the following:

  • 30 Days of Premium
  • 1,000 Gold
  • Keeper Horse Mount Skin

This special offer is only available through the ingame store, so log in now and pick up a great deal! This pack is available until February 17, 2020 at 10:00 UTC so act now.

Upcoming Adjustments to Premium Prices

On Wednesday, January 29, the following new prices will apply to Premium.

30 Days USD 11.95 3000 Gold
90 Days USD 10.95/month 7350 Gold
180 Days USD 9.95/month 13750 Gold
360 Days USD 8.95/month 24500 Gold

You can find background information on the price change here.

All existing recurring subscriptions, as well as those purchased before January 29 at 10:00 UTC, will continue to auto-renew at the old price. You can still benefit from this right now if you buy a new subscription before that date. 

PLEASE NOTE: recurring subscriptions currently do not work when buying directly through Steam. However, there is an easy way for Steam users also get the lower prices. See our guide here.

With the Queen update, the world of Albion has forever changed. Play now to experience it for yourself!


Fame Week Happening Now!

A week-long Fame Rush starts today.

Take the 2022 Year-End Survey

Give your feedback and help shape the future of Albion!

Beyond the Veil Patch 3 is here!

This patch brings improvements to the Roads of Avalon, a new Streamer Mode, and more.
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