CTO David Salz returns to talk about performance improvement since and after Kay, and iOS Beta development.

Albion Online Dev Talk - Server Performance Improvements

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David Salz, our Chief Technology Officer, talks about the performance improvements since the Kay update, what further improvements you can expect, and the iOS Beta.

If you do not have the time to watch the video right now, here is a summary:

Performance since Kay

Last weekend marked the start of the GvG seasons with invasions. We watched it live and were pretty impressed by the battles we saw, sometimes with up to 400 players. With Kay, the game performance has already improved significantly. The battles are a lot smoother, but in larger battles (200 players and more), we know that performance is still somewhat lacking.

Kay Patch #1

We are launching Kay Patch #1 this week; actually it should already be out by the time you watch this. This patch already contains significant improvements, hopefully making battles even smoother, but we are working on further tweaks that require a bit more testing before we roll them out.

Specific Performance Issues

We are doing a lot of measurements to identify the sources of our performance issues. In large scale fights especially, most of the loss of performance comes from the spells and combat system. We have a couple of interacting systems:

  • The spells system, referring to spell effects, especially AoE spells (those that can affect a lot of people).
  • The reputation system, that is connected to the spells and combat system. We have to track who is doing what to whom, and whether a certain activity is considered a hostile act or is allowed.
  • We are tracking who is in combat and who isn’t, taking into account the many rules that come with it (changing equipment, etc).
  • Finally, there are items and whether or not they are taking damage, getting destroyed, etc.

All of this happens at the same time, and collectively plays into the performance problems.


We are trying to improve that by figuring out if certain updates and checks are necessary. We try to bring down the frequency at which certain events are done, change the order of the updates or combine them. By doing that, we can significantly improve the speed of the calculations without affecting the gameplay and your experience. But we also need to be very careful with all of this, and we put a lot of effort into testing, which is why we haven’t rolled out all the optimization yet. Kay Update #2 in early January will already bring new significant improvements.

iOS Beta and Android

A couple of weeks ago, we started the iOS Beta, and a lot of you are already playing on their iPhones and iPads. You can still join, as we have a few open spots left. If you have an Apple device and want to participate, you can find all the important information here.

When we started, 2 GB devices were still under investigation. With the Kay update, we have made significant improvements to the memory consumption: all iPhones and iPads with 2 GB should now work without problems. The same improvements will be made for Android devices in the near future.

You can of course expect to see further improvements in future patches.


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