CTO David Salz talks about the current progress in performance improvement.

Albion Online Dev Talk - Performance Improvements

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David Salz, our Chief Technology Officer talks about the performance improvements that will make it into the Kay update:

If you can’t watch the video right now, here’s a summary:

Zerg vs Zerg fights, for example over castles, are a very popular thing in Albion Online - and the performance there is often times frustrating. It is bothering the players participating in that activity, rightfully so - and naturally it is bothering us as well.

For the past few months we have put significant work and effort into improving the experience in bigger fights. The first thing we did was create a technology that allowed recording of fights on a network level. That means we can replay them again and again, and analyze what is happening exactly. We could then have a look at how long certain components take and, effectively, what’s going wrong.

Identifying the problem, obviously, is only the first step. A lot of things need to be changed to make the game faster at this point - involving pretty much every single team member. It’s not a single source of lag or a singular thing that’s wrong. Various things don’t perform as they should.

Sometimes code needs to be rewritten, because it’s not fast enough. So we have to find a way to have it do the exact same thing, just faster. Sometimes it’s game design related and a spell needs to be changed because it’s eating up too much performance. It could also be a 3D model or an animation that has too many polygons or bones. The long and short of it is: it involves a lot of people and takes quite an amount of time. We have been at it for months and see some significant progress already. We will continue working on this, as it will take large scale fights to a whole new level. More on that as we near the Kay update.


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