In the first Albion Armory Spotlight of 2017 we take a closer look at the build that won the Battle Royale Tournament earlier this year. Prepare to get confused!

Albion Armory: FDPS’ Trickster

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What could be better to restart the Albion Armory series but a build that won a tournament? I thought the same, and after FDPS was crowned as the winner of the Battle Royale final, I met up with him and we talked about the build that made him the winner.

Trickster’s Origin

“This build came up my mind exclusively for the Battle Royale Tournament,” FDPS starts.  “As one of the underdogs in the tournament, I figured out that the only way to succeed would be to go in with a strategic approach. Playing for the points I realized that on some stages vanishing from the battlefield would be the best option and this is where the Trickster build takes action. After the tournament, I tweaked the build to fit into the daily routine of Albion Online.”

Trickster - Overview

“The Trickster build is completely focused on avoiding the direct conflict with an enemy and to buy time for you allies to either arrive at the scene or flee into the woods.” - FDPS

Every skill in this build is picked to confuse your enemies. To improve upon its effectiveness the build utilized a high damage burst combo, creating additional pressure and panic in your opponents’ minds.

Given the high specialization level of this build the skill cap is fairly high and once engaged in combat your sustained damage, as well as your personal defensive capabilities, are quite low compared to bruiser builds. It is important keep in mind that your core skills have a high cooldown; you are done for if you cannot properly execute your combos.

Equipment: Weapons

To avoid as much conflict as possible in addition to being able to burst as often as possible, the Trickster build utilizes stealth and displacement in combination with cooldown reduction.

Main hand: Bloodletter

First Spell: Sunder Armor
An attack dealing Physical Damage and reducing the target's Armor and Magic Resist by -15 for eight seconds. (Stacks up to three times)

Second Spell: Infiltration
Set a destination that you will jump to after a short delay, releasing a smoke bomb at your destination. The bomb deals damage, and puts any enemy target in the area to sleep.

Third Spell: Lunging Stabs
Dashes to a ground target location, dealing Physical Damage to any enemy in the way. The damage amount depends on each enemy's remaining health. The damage is higher if the target's health is below 40%.

Passive: Life Leech
Every normal attack, your restore health.

The Bloodletter combines mobility with a high burst/execution skill. Even while Lunging Stabs (your burst spell) is on cooldown, Sunder Armor can be used to keep up the pressure on your enemies by reducing their Armor and Magic Resistance in preparation for your next Lunging Stabs to hurt even more.

Infiltration allows you to quickly position yourself out of combat. As this skill has a small delay, it allows for perfect baiting by using your Lunging Stabs into a totally different direction than anticipated. Another way to utilize Infiltration is by targeting your enemies for the sleep effect, interrupting their actions and making them vulnerable to your allies’ attacks or giving your allies time to flee or reorganize.

While your burst damage is high, the sustained damage of Sunder Armor is mediocre and you will catch yourself quite often waiting for your Lunging Stabs to be ready again. To give you those crucial extra seconds alive, the passive spell Life Leech should be picked to keep your health up when you are alone or when your healer is occupied.

Off-hand: Mistcaller

Mistcaller’s single purpose is to further reduce your cooldowns as much as possible. Changing to a Shield or a Torch would also be an option but lower cooldowns mean less time visible and a shorter timeframe before your next burst.

Equipment: Armor

As all your skills but Sunder Armor have a high cooldown, your mobility once engaged is completely based on your movement speed. Due to that, all your armor pieces will use the passive spell Increased Move Speed to ensure at least a minimum amount of mobility.

Assassin Hood:  Meditation

While channeling, all spells on cooldown will recover much faster. It can shorten cooldown times by up to ten seconds.

As the build focuses as much on as much cooldown reduction as possible, Meditation is the obvious choice. This handy two second channel can either be used to shorten the time for your stealth, burst and crowd control.

Assassin Jacket: Ambush

Turn invisible for maximum eight seconds. Your first attack out of invisibility will have increased damage, the longer you stay invisible, the higher the damage buff (up to 60%). Attacking or casting or moving too far away from the activation spot breaks the invisibility.

Ambush can be used in a lot of different situations. Offensively it will greatly increase the damage dealt by Lunging Stabs and used on a target below 40% often ensures a quick kill. The combined burst could also be used to panic your enemies’ healer. Jumping on them from out of nowhere will pull their attention away from their team and allow your team to go for another target.

Ambush can also be used defensively, especially if you have a damage over time effect ticking on you. Unlike your boot’s Invisibility spell, it cannot be broken by being damaged, meaning you can safely relocate and wait for the damage over time to wear off before going into Invisibility.

Mercenary Shoes: Invisibility

You stay invisible as long as you keep channeling, for up to 30 seconds. While you are invisible, your move speed keeps increasing by 5% per second (stacks up to ten times). You keep the movement increase for five seconds after you leave invisibility.

While the cooldown of Invisibility is fairly high and it also blocks your sprinting ability, it is vital in the Trickster build. This skill allows you to vanish from your opponents eyes for up to 30 seconds. This time can be used waiting on your cooldowns, your allies, the passing by of your opponents or the scouting of the same. Combining this skill with Ambush or Infiltration will cause a lot of confusion in your enemies’ heads and helps you perfectly position yourself for your next move.

(Alternative) Mage Sandals: Delayed Teleport

Choose a ground target within 15 meter. One second after activation, you will be teleported to the desired position.

Depending on the size of your opponent’s group, swapping your Mercenary Shoes for Mage Sandals will increase the range of your poke and bait combos. This allows for another option in your (dis)engaging playstyle.

Food: Omelette

Going for as much cooldown reduction as possible the Omelette is the only option for the Trickster build as it will decrease your cooldowns close to 20% allowing all your abilities to be used a lot more often.

Tips, Tricks, and Combos

While there are builds that deal more damage, have more crowd control or bring more direct utility into a fight, the Trickster is excels at playing tricks on your opponents’ minds. Your skill set allows you to quickly switch from defensive into offensive plays and vice versa.

The bread and butter of the Trickster is the combination of Infiltration and Lunging Stabs, both offensively and defensively. If you use Infiltration right before Lunging Stabs you will be ported to the Infiltration position right after Lunging Stabs animation ends, allowing you to go for risky engages or for defensive and confusing maneuvers around your enemy.

Here is an example of Infiltration and Lunging Stabs used defensively:

For your basic offensive combo, you have two options. Either directly engage your enemies from Ambush via Lunging Stabs and then disengage with Infiltration into Invisibility without being hit once, or go in with Lunging Stabs and only utilize your Ambush in case something goes wrong.

This combo can be used for a lot of different purposes in a lot of situations. For example: you could engage onto your enemies’ healer, causing them to lose their focus and allowing your teammates to go for an easy kill. Alternatively, you could bait your enemies’ skills by directly jumping into them and then vanishing into thin air.

Doing this once or twice will increase your opponents’ awareness and they will keep their eyes open looking for you. This is the moment they will drop their guard somewhere else, creating the perfect opportunity for your allies to go for a full engage. Furthermore, while in combat they will always have to watch their back for you to come back in, finishing them once they drop low on health.

If you are facing over ten enemies, adding more area of effect attacks to their disposal, you should consider swapping your Mercenary Shoes with Mage Sandals. While this will remove your Invisibility, your mobility will greatly increase, enabling long range combos. This can be extremely efficient in case you and your team are in a deadlock with your enemies. If used correctly you will get out of the engage unharmed while your enemies have a few of their cooldowns wasted allowing your team to gain the upper hand in the following clash.

Here is an example of long range baiting:

Another option for your Infiltration skill is to hard crowd control (sleep) your enemies, however, this needs some training with the delay of ability to be effective. You will need to predict your enemy’s movement but if you hit multiple opponents you will buy yourself or your team a lot of time.

What is your opinion about FDPS’ Trickster build? Have you ever played a similar build or even faced this build in combat before? Let us know in the comments below on our forums!

Want your build to be featured on the Albion Online website? Contact UrzakeFrostgard via the forums or on Discord (UrzaKeFrostgard#5431).


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