This week, the Albion Armory features the build of the Durateen, who claims to be the very best healer to ever grace the servers of Albion Online.

Albion Armory: Durateen’s the Saint of EoS

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Whether you agree or not on EoS winning again, being unbeaten in Guild battles for over four months straight is quite a feat. For this Albion Armory, Durateen is willing to share his secret with the rest of the community. He told me about his research and the things he learned about healing since he joined the game. His Saint of EoS build is the result of that dedication. Enjoy!

Creation of the Saint of EoS

“I am tired of all these GvG healers using the Great Nature Staff and other awkward builds!” Durateen starts. “I am currently on a 32 GvG win streak and I just started Albion Online this Beta Test. When I got into the game I knew I would be healing for Open World and for GvG content. So the challenge was to find the most effective build, to not only keep my allies alive but myself as well. After hours of analyzing gameplay footage, I’ve come up with my own specific build. My build is battle tested with countless hours of Open World fights, castle fights, small and large scale PvP and of course GvGs and I have come to the conclusion that this build is the best healing build in all of Albion Online!”

Saint of EoS – Build Overview

The Saint EoS build combines exceptional durability with nearly unlimited energy resources and the ability to rescue your team out of a lot of dangerous and deadly situations. The downside of the build is that retreat is not an option, as the lack of a sprinting ability will make you the last in line to reach a safe haven.

Another important part of utilizing this build to the fullest is the knowledge about the abilities of your opponents and your team members. It is recommended to especially inform yourself about the crowd control abilities of the game as well as your own team’s defensive cooldowns.

Equipment: Weapons

Main hand: Nature Staff


Heals a friendly target every second for 8 seconds. Can be stacked up to 3 times. If it is reapplied on maximum stacks, all stacks are consumed and you restore 30 energy.

Cleanse Heal

Heals a friendly target every second for 4 seconds. Also removes any movement impairing and debuff effects from the target, and allies in close proximity.

Circle of Life

Heals up to five allies in a 7 meter radius around the caster every second for 7 seconds.

Hit & Run

Every 4 activated spells, your movement speed is increased for 3 seconds.

While the Great Nature Staff has a great emergency skill and the AoE (Area of Effect) capabilities of the Wild Staff are strong, the Nature Staff provides you the best of both worlds. With the correct Rejuvenation stacking, you will be able to go a very long way once you entered a fight. As the Cleanse Heal is one of the core skills in your arsenal you need to reach at least Tier 6 to fully utilize this build. The Hit & Run passive will add further mobility and kiting potential.

Off-hand: Eye of Secrets

Increases your maximum energy and your energy regeneration.

Equipment: Armor

Helmet: Guardian Helmet

Stone Skin

Reduces the damage received by 60% but reducing your damage and healpower by 30% as well, for 7 seconds.


Increases healing received.

Even after the recent nerf, the Guardian Helmet is still a much better choice than the Cleric Cowl. While Ice Block is a great skill, it is way too easy to counter as your enemy will know exactly where you are when the spell ends. Stone Skin keeps you mobile and you can still support your team.

Chest: Mage Robe

Frost Shield

Increases your Armor and Magic Resist for 8 seconds. Enemies that attack you are slowed by 20% and 10% of incoming damage (before Armor/Magic Resist) is reflected back to its source.


Heals you cast are stronger.

Frost Shield has everything what a defensive ability needs. It decreases your damage received and basically permanently slows all enemies attacking you. Further, the damage reflect will either consume the enemies’ healer time and energy or it will cost your attackers a defensive cooldown of their own. Charity as a passive will further increase your raw healing potential.

Shoes: Knight Boots

Shield Charge

Charge toward a target (ally or enemy). After the charge, you apply a shield on yourself and allies in close proximity. The shield absorbs damage and lasts 5 seconds.


Increases healing received.

Arguably one of the strongest defensive skills in Albion Online, with a relatively short cooldown for a shield that can hit your whole team while easily negate over one thousand damage for each person hit. Compared to offensive core ability cooldowns it will be ready every time your enemies engages you again.

Consumables: Food and Potions


Improves your maximum health.

Major Healing Potion

Regenerates a percentage of your total health over 10 seconds.

With Rejuvenation stacking and Eye of Secrets as an off-hand, your energy pool is already big enough to heal through almost any fight. This gives you the opportunity to use your consumables for increasing your own survivability and removes the necessity of using an Energy Potion.

Tips, Tricks, and Combos

Mastering the Rejuvenation stacking will require a lot of practice but in return, you are able to heal around 1700 health for roughly 50 energy over the duration of 24 seconds. That is more than 30 health per point of energy spent. Add in the 30 energy return of recasting Rejuvenation before it runs out, and you reach over 90 health per point of energy spent.

While you return energy on the fourth stack of Rejuvenation, it is extremely important to not remove the healing on your allies too early. Rejuvenation is your main source of healing and you want to make sure to get as much as possible out of every single stack before consuming it.

To ensure an advantage on engaging, make sure you pre-HoT (Heal over Time) your frontline. Rejuvenation will keep ticking through the first seconds of the fight allowing the frontline to stay in battle longer and deal more damage before dodging out the fight.

To improve your timing and your accuracy as well as your mobility, it is recommended that you utilize the built-in hotkey system to select your allies and yourself instead of clicking on your team's portraits. This allows you to use your mouse cursor for your movement or some additional harassment.

Never use more than one of your defensive abilities at the same time. One of them is more than enough to keep you alive for the duration of the skill and you will be able to better cycle through your cooldowns increasing your durability. Also keep in mind, even with the increased durability of this build, you are a healer and as a healer, you must not engage your enemies in close-ranged combat.

Before using Stone Skin make sure that you have three stacks of Rejuvenation on yourself. Stone Skin merely reduces your healpower and not the healing received.

It is very important to know what your enemies’ weapons and armor are capable of, if you want use Shield Charge as effectively as possible. Closely watch your enemies and your team members and intercept hostile engages by popping your shield before they can deal any damage. Every point of damage prevented does not need to be healed up again.

Even while Cleanse Heal is a healing ability, you are not supposed to use this skills as just an additional heal but in a situation you can utilize the actual cleansing ability of the skill. To make sure you don’t waste your Cleanse Heal, learn about your team members’ personal defensive cooldowns and keep communicating with them throughout the fight.

Additional Information

To end this spotlight, there is one more important piece of information about utilizing the Saint of EoS’ full potential. While a Tier 6 Nature Staff combined with a Tier 5 Eye of Secrets can already outheal most other builds with ease, once reaching Tier 7 your shield and heals scale up extremely well. To further increase your already huge energy pool it is recommended to keep your Nature Staff one or two tiers below the rest of your equipment to create a nearly inexhaustible amount of energy with the right Rejuvenation stacking. That means using a Tier 8 armor set will allow you to use a Tier 7 Nature Staff.

What is your opinion about Durateen’s Saint of EoS build? Have you ever played a similar build or even faced this build in combat before? Let us know on our forums!

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