The Legends of Albion #8

There are many ways to become a Legend in the world of Albion. Below are just a few worthy adventurers who deserve the title for their hard work, dedication and a little cunning.

Upcoming Feature: Persistent Mounts

Sick of constant mounting and dismounting while gathering? Say goodbye to needless frustrations with the introduction of persistent mounts!

Guild Spotlight: Synergy Core

Without much propaganda around this guild, the members of Synergy Core decided to let their actions speak for them, instead of their words. I took a closer look at this international, but reclusive guild.

New Outlands Redesign

We are reworking the Outlands, find out all you need to know here!

The Legends of Albion #7

This week's legends are a little different and some a little dark, check 'em out!