The Lancelot Midseason Patch Arrives May 2

The upcoming Midseason Patch will bring GvG and combat balancing changes, a Re-Spec system, GvG practice battles, and more.

Watch Invasion Day Live on AlbionTV

Saturday's territory reset offers a fresh start for Albion's guilds. Watch all the action live on Twitch!

A Toad is Waiting For You!

Hop into spring with a new referral season and new rewards. Read on to see what's coming your way!

Bunny Slayer Event Recap

The Bunny Slayer event has come to an end and the leaderboards have been finalized!

Bunny Slayer Event

The adventurers of Albion have brought many of the customs from their former homes to this new land. One of them is the belief that the bunny represents the fertility of the earth as it warms up and crops begin to flourish.