Player Spotlight: Nausk

The first player of our new series is somebody who’s skills with a bow would make Robin Hood go green with envy: Nausk!

Guardians: An In-Depth Look

From massive mammoths to rocky giants, the Guardians of Albion are as impressive and strong as their size indicates. Want to take one on? Find out here where to find them and what to expect!

New Mounts and Where to Find Them

Hector introduced a total of eight new mounts to Albion Online. Find out here what they do and how to get them!

Albion Armory: Buldozer’s “Catch Me If You Can”-Miner

Guilds and players in Albion always need new equipment for their tasks. Today, we take a closer look at the people that provide the needed materials for this, without any help from others: solo-gatherers.

Rookies of the Month (June 2017)

In an MMO it is natural that new guilds come and go. This week, we want to present three promising guilds to you, each of them with their own approach to the game.