Guild Spotlight: TAO

TAO is a francophone guild, specialized in guerilla warfare. With their small but powerful roster they have fought many battles in Albion Online and while some of them were lost, many more were won!

Hide and Seek Holiday Event

Uncle Frost’s helpers have been kidnapped! He needs your help to save them, and he’s willing to pay!

Albion Development Recap (December 2)

Robin Henkys is back at it again with a new Development Recap!

The Albion War Report #9

On the surface, things in the Outland may seem to have settled down a little but that is definitely not the case. The ever squabbling guilds of Albion are forever at war with each other and now, after Faye's update, the wars can come to the Royal Lands too!

The Ancient Keepers of Albion

Watch our latest video to find out all you need to know about the Keeper faction and their role in Albion Online.