Albion Armory: Durateen’s the Saint of EoS

This week, the Albion Armory features the build of the Durateen, who claims to be the very best healer to ever grace the servers of Albion Online.

Albion Development Recap (February 21)

With Galahad coming closer every day, Game Director Robin Henkys revisits the Outlands changes and design philosophy in our latest Development Recap.

Albion Armory: FDPS’ Trickster

In the first Albion Armory Spotlight of 2017 we take a closer look at the build that won the Battle Royale Tournament earlier this year. Prepare to get confused!

Guild Spotlight: Llaw Arian

In this week’s guild spotlight we have a look at the international guild Llaw Arian, a guild that has quickly risen in the ranks of Albion Online.

Albion Development Recap (February 7)

Have a look at the new upcoming biome cities in our new Development Recap video!