Albion Armory: xOrgy’s Infinite Sword Swinger

This week the Albion Armory takes a look at a build that is specialized in dealing tons of damage in melee combat while always being one step ahead of its enemies.

Guild Spotlight: Haus Stark

This week’s guild spotlight features a guild full of German-speaking gamers that have decided to live for nothing but their guild.

Galahad Update in Numbers

Our last update has been a major success! How major, you ask? We will let the numbers do the talking.

Albion Armory: Bludlust’s Cursed All-Rounder

From guild fights to group PvE to solo open world roaming, you might find yourself in an array of different situations in Albion Online. Bludlust’s goal was to find a single build that allowed him to participate in all of them.

State of the Game: Three Weeks into Galahad

Three weeks into Galahad, it is time to look at where we are currently at and what the future brings.