Nimue Info Roundup

Got questions about the new features and changes coming with the Nimue update? Start here.

Guild Spotlight: Frogue One

Our latest Guild Spotlight focuses on Frogue One, one of Albion's longest-running French guilds focusing on large-scale fights.

Albion Online Dev Talk - Nimue Quality-of-Life Improvements

In our newest Dev Talk, Lino Claudius, User Interface Designer for Albion Online, discusses some of the major quality-of-life improvements coming with the Nimue update.

The Nimue Update Arrives November 21!

On November 21, Nimue, the fifth major post-release content update for Albion Online, goes live. Read on to see what's coming!

The Grim Challenge Starts Today!

The second Adventurer's Challenge brings exclusive rewards all month long, plus some new twists. Read on to see what's coming!